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Our Mission

  • This is a fully interactive website designed to get you your product fast and for the cheapest price around! 

  • I can promise you, what's not on this website will be at your door as quick with a phone call to us!

  • We race, and know when you need it, you need it... 

  • We don't have a big name but we do have big dreams, Helping YOU the racer!     

                                                                                                                                            owner: Mat Hollerich

The Story:

       This company started out years ago, back in 2000ish, Brad HOllerich, Mat's dad, got into racing in 1990 and  10 years later decided to build his own cars, named Moonlite Chassis.  Along the way he acquired a few dealerships that we still use today, and some that Mat has added to the list.   We got out of racing completely for 10 years and resumed running modified in 2013.  Moonlite Race Parts has snowballed to what it is today. 

Mat Hollerich, owner, and his wife, Tina, living the normal life!

The OTHER life---->

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