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Lightest IMCA legal rotors.  Cut down on rotating weight




Wilwood ULHD-16 Curved Vane Spec-37 rotors are engineered  to withstand extreme temperatures with the highest degree of resistance against distortion, warping, cracking, and wear. This rotor is manufactured from proprietary iron alloy that was derived from the extreme duty military spec rotors Wilwood manufactured. Every Spec-37 rotor is precision machined to less than .001" run-out, flatness, and parallelism. The HP series preparation includes full detail machining and smooth pad contact faces without slots.

  • 11.75" diameter
  • 0.99" width
  • Rotor type: HD
  • Style: Plain face
  • Spec-37 Iron
  • Vane count: 16 CV
  • Weight: 7.1
  • Mount: left hand
  • Rotor bolt circle: 8 x 7.00"
  • Rotor mount hole size: 0.326"
  • Lug ID/Registration: 6.38"
  • Far side inside diameter: 8.46"
  • Sold each


LH- 160-13979

RH- 160-13978

Wilwood: ULHD-16 Curved Vane Rotor, 11.75 Inch LH or RH

SKU: wil160-139-side
$116.00 Regular Price
$115.51Sale Price
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