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If you have ever crashed hard, you know the steering column can leave a big dent in your chest. These collapsible steering columns are not only safer, but much easier to install. Includes easy-install steering wheel disconnect and 3/4" mounting rod end. Adjustable from 22-1/2" to 32" in length.


  • 22-½ to 32” column measured from the end of the shaft to the base of the quick release hub
  • Quick release hub adds an additional 2” to the overall length
  • O.D. of the main body is 1.125"
  • O.D. of the bottom shaft is .750 and 20 spline
  • Splined end accepts a variety of U-joint for attachment to your steering shaft or gear
  • O.D. of the main hub sleeve is 2.525”
  • O.D. of the hub sleeve flange is 3.17”
  • Centerline of column to end of threads on ¾” heim mount is 3”
  • Heim mount is adjustable forward/rearward to suit customers mounting requirements

Speedway Collapsible Steering Column

SKU: 91032304
$247.00 Regular Price
$242.76Sale Price
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