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These new cordless riveters are great for fastening large areas of sheet metal, quick and painless.  These rivet guns feature a rechargeable lithium battery and come with their own case and charger.

  • Replaceable carbon brushes
  • Soft grip handle reduces vibration and fatigue
  • High capacity 3.0Ah Li-ion battery pack
  • Storage for additional nosepieces
  • Mandrel collection box 


  • Boat building
  • Race cars
  • Construction
  • Display shelves
  • Furniture
  • Heating, Air Conditioning
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Restaurant equipment
  • Signs
  • Trailers, Cargo containers
  • Vending machines


  • Capacity:  3/32" - 3/16", 2.4mm - 4.8mm (all materials)
  • Stroke length:  .79", 20mm
  • Traction power:  1,870 lbs
  • Weight:  4.6 lbs (with Li-ion battery pack)
  • Battery pack:  14.4V / Li-ion, 3.0 A.h
  • Charge time:  Approx. 60 min.

Audio Warnings:

  • When attaching the battery pack, a "beep" sound will occur for 2 seconds that indicates the electric current is connected.
  • When the battery runs low, four short "beep" sounds will occur.  It is obvious that the battery will need to be changed.

Speedway 14.4V Cordless Rivet Gun

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