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These gears are special order.  Allow a couple weeks for delivery.



The Sportsman 700 series steering gear is designed for the sportsman racer and legal in all sanctioning bodies. The 700 series steering gear is available in 6:1,8:1 and 12:1 ratios. These ratios feature a industry first double lead reciprocating ball piston assembly. This gives a driver superior input feel and requires very little effort to turn. You will find non standard valving options due to this ease of turning these steering gears. 700 series gears are based off of the GM 3 mount pad case. 

-6JIC fittings included

Valves used without steering quickner.
3/4-30 Input spline 220 = light/medium
235 = medium
245 = medium/heavy
265 = heavy
13/16-36 Input spline 220L = light/medium
235L = medium
245L = medium/heavy
265L = heavy

PSC Steering Gear: 6:1 or 8:1 ratio in multiple valving

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