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MSD is excited to bring this HEI Rev Limiter to the circle track world. This Circle Track RPM Control is designed for racers and tech officials alike. It features fully digital operation allowing for extra smooth and accurate rev limiting to within a quarter percent of the set value, while eliminating the need for plug-in RPM modules, as convenient adjustable rotary dial’s take their place. 

  • A bright LED display clearly indicates the set RPM rev limit
  • Easy plug-in wiring and connectors allow the unit to plug directly into any HEI-style distributor with no cutting or crimping of wires
  • HEI Rev Limiter is epoxy filled, making it resistant to the extreme conditions circle track racing presents including water, mud, engine fluids and of course vibration
  • The epoxy is also in place so that tampering with the internal circuitry becomes a thing of the past
  • New digital technology also allows the rev limiter to record the highest RPM the engine rev limited for a pre-determined amount of time providing useful information to both race teams and tech officials 
  • If for any reason the unit loses any connection during a race, the engine will lose power and set a fault code that will be displayed on the LED display


  • Approved for use in both IMCA and USRA!
  • Fully digital operation allows for accurate rev limiting
  • Rotary dials eliminate the need for plug in RPM modules
  • Easy installation to any HEI distributor with plug-in wiring harness and connectors
  • Harness also available for second car or ignition system when switching rev limeter between cars 547-ASY26434
  • Epoxy filled for extreme racing conditions and eliminates tampering with circuitry

MSD #8727CT Soft Touch IMCA legel- Hobby Stock

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