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Superior design makes it the most advanced ignition to ever hit a circle track. Packed with legendary MSD Ignition power, the 6CT offers a slew of features. A large digital LED display makes it easier than ever to see the rev limiter setting when dialing it in using the laser etched rotary dials on the face of the unit. Rev limiting is controlled via microprocessor making it so smooth the chassis is virtually undisturbed when charging into turns. The rotary dials are also used to set cylinder select for 4, 6, and 8 cylinder engines, and to adjust the built-in start retard providing options of 0°, 10° or 20° of timing retard for quick starts. As an added bonus the LED display can be used as a live tach or will display your racecars battery voltage. The unit records the highest RPM your engine turned during the race which can be easily recalled on the LED display as well. The 6CT offers all this and more in a fully potted, tamper proof housing that utilizes a single connector to keep wiring tidy. 
• MSD’s smoothest rev limiter yet! Won’t upset the chassis and easy on parts 
• Large, easy to read LED display 
• Simple setup of features such as the rev limiter with three rotary dials on the face of the unit 
• Built-in Start Retard adjustable in 0°, 10° or 20° increments for quick, easy starts and extend starter life 
• LED displays rev limit, highest RMP turned, cylinder select, start retard, battery voltage and can be set to tach mode 
• Full delivery of spark energy down to 6 volts battery supply 
• Highly efficient, low current draw for extended battery life 
• Fully potted housing to stand up to demanding race conditions 
• Single plug-in connector for clean wiring 
• Tamper proof screws to prevent modification of unit 
• Records highest RPM the engine turned for last 20 minutes of run time 
• Works on 4, 6 and 8 cylinder engines 
• Reverse polarity and overheat protection provide ultimate reliability

MSD 6CT Digital Ignition Box w/Digital Readout Rev Limiter

SKU: MSD6427
$420.00 Regular Price
$415.51Sale Price
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