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 MD3 Composite Hood Scoop - Available in 5" or 3" Flat Bottom and 3" Curved Bottom. Available in Carbon Fiber Appearance, Red, Blue, White and Yellow. 


5" air deflector

Carbon fiber MD3040-4100

Red MD3040-4100R

Chev. Blue MD3040-4100cb

White MD3040-4100w

Yellow MD3040-4100y


3" Air deflector

Carbon fiber MD3040-4101

Red MD3040-4101r

Chev. Blue MD3040-4101cb

White MD3040-4101w

Yellow MD3040-4101y


MD3 Air Deflector- 3" or 5"

SKU: MD3040-41-height
$47.99 Regular Price
$47.50Sale Price
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