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FG. Part #: 80771

Overall Length: 5.00"

Taper Small End: .52"

Taper Large End: 1.00"

Taper: 10 °

Material Type: Steel

Finish: Natural

Sold in Quantity: Each

Notes: Cutting surface of bit is 3.00" long.



Tapered reamers for proper fitting of ball joints to spindles, tie rod ends to spindles, etc. These have 1/2" shank. The 2" per foot reamer, also known as a 10° tapered reamer, works with Speedway ball joints 917-20036 K727, 917-20038 K6141, 917-20038-1 K6117, and 917-20039 K6145.

Measures a little more than 1/2" at the small end and 1" at the big end.

Reamer bit: AFCO Spindle Taper Machine Reamer: 7 or 10 deg

SKU: afc8077-taper
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