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2kw Motor SBC

Chevy v8 or 90 deg V6

153 tooth and 164 tooth

High torque, high output motors and gear reduction drive design spins the engine over faster, with 50% more cranking torque and LESS amp draw than a stock starter! Compact, offset design gives more header and chassis clearance. Perfect for high compression or supercharged Chevy engines.

Straight mount 6061-T6 aluminum mounting plates work with 153 or 168 tooth flywheels on Chevy V8 or 90° V6. Works on blocks with angle bolt starter flange by drilling and tapping one hole. 

Only 1-1/2 lb. heavier and 1" longer than the 1.4 kW version.

From the centerline of the mounting bolt holes to the end of the starter is 7-3/4" 

Chevy Mini Starter- 2kW -High Torque

SKU: spd91066258
$169.99 Regular Price
$167.50Sale Price
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