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6-Series Ignition Controls 
• With Soft Touch Rev Control 
• Higher output with 530 primary volts and 135mJ of spark energy 
• Efficient components use less current to produce more power 
• Set an rpm limit on the 6AL with two rotary dials 
• Same bolt pattern as the original 6AL with a lower profile housing 
• Built-in LED for system checks 
• All wires exit the same side through a locked, sealed connector 
• Compatible for 4, 6 or 8-cylinder engines - 
Operating Specifications: 
• Spark Energy: 135-145 mJ per spark 
• Primary Voltage: 520-540 Volts 
• Secondary Voltage: 45,000 Volts 
• Spark Series Duration: 20 degree Crankshaft Rotation 
• RPM Range: 15,000 RPM with 14.4 Volts 
• Voltage Required: 12-15 Volts, 7 Volt Start 
• Current Draw: .7 Amp per 1,000 RPM 
• Weight and Size 1.7 lbs., 8"L x 4"W x 1.825"H

MSD 6AL Digital Ignition Box - w/Rev Limiter -Black or Red

SKU: MSD6425-color
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