Late model shaft:

  • Standard 2" steel without slip yoke
  • Standard 2" steel with 8" slip yoke
  • 2" moly with slip yoke
  • 2" moly 10x10 w/o slip yoke
  • 3" Aluminum 10x10
  • 3" Aluminum with 8" slip yoke
  • 3.25" Carbon Fiber 10x10 w/o slip yoke
  • 3.25" Carbon Fiber w/ 8" slip yoke
  • 2.25" Carbon Fiber 10x10 w/o slip yoke
  • 2.25" Carbon Fiber w/ slip yoke


Measured center to center of u-joint or knuckles


Available in any length:



Late Model Driveshaft: Carbon Fiber Dynamic Drivelines 2.25" w/8" slip yoke

SKU: DD225cfcomp-length
$635.00 Regular Price
$632.50Sale Price
Length Center to Center
  • DD shafts are all balanced to 7000RPM unlike others at 3000rpm.  Why balance at a lower rate then what you race!  

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